Sunday, December 27, 2009

Starting my ambitious project: To read 100 books

Well, I saw the other day the movie "Julie and Julia", which is a sweetened version of the actual events. But I figured, in short, all that lady did was commit to a long-term project, follow through with it, and blog the heck out of it. The web is littered with people who have carried through projects equally or more ambitious, but don't have a movie made of them. But I'm unfazed and I am starting my project, which is to read 100 books. My deadline is Q4 of 2012, which is pretty acceptable if I can read approximately one book a week. The clock has already started ticking. My guiding light is the list that appears in the website "The Personal MBA". I read the manifesto and I like the idea, so we will see if at the end of this adventure I truly have amassed the knowledge equivalent to an MBA track. I will make updates on this blog as convenient. So off we go.

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