Friday, February 05, 2010

Book Review: The Ultimate Sales Machine by Chet Holmes.

Chet Holmes truly is a master of his craft, which is "making you want to read what he writes", and it's a direct result of all his philosophy, which is shared in detail in this book. I actually enjoyed listening to it in audio format, and was very intrigued by the ideas in there. When you read the title you might think that it's a book about how to make yourself into an Ultimate Sales Machine, but instead it goes bigger that that; it means "how to turn your company into an Ultimate Sales Machine". It's not a manual on sales per se, but more a manual on practical business strategy, although a bit unorthodox. It all orbits around an educational approach to running a business: first by educating your workforce until they know your company and product in and out (to the point where the business "can run itself"), then going into educating your clients with hard facts about why they should be worried, and then communicating how your product will ease their pains. This book has great insights on interviewing people and testing their personality by interacting with them, although some of this advice is bordering on the politically incorrect: in short, it advises to hassle the prospective employee and see if they put up a fight, which would be a good sign.

The Ultimate Sales Machine is exciting to read, and I'm glad I chose it as one of the first ones on my list of 100.

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