Thursday, March 04, 2010

Technology Trends: March 2010

It's that time again: a completely un-scientific, nationwide snapshot of demand for technologies at this time, through

Dojo: 102
Silverlight: 384
Azure: 25
iPhone: 324
LAMP: 568
SSIS: 554
Actionscript: 404
PHP: 2092
.NET 4304
Oracle: 5000+
SQL: 5000+

I only sampled a few items that came to mind just to get a feel. I'm surprised that .NET scores less than Oracle. That goes to challenge my assumptions, although let's consider that none of these counts are "apples to apples". I'm also surprised that there's only 25 for Azure. Maybe it's just not mainstream yet.

In the book "The Passionate Programmer", the author, Chad Fowler, explains that a good long term strategy for a career as a programmer is to capitalize in two areas: new technologies that are trending upwards in adoption, and then mature technologies that are on the decline. The combination of skill in both sides gives you a marketable edge.

What I find still hard is to discern is which platform is promising. In the book they gave an example of when OS2 used to be hot, but eventually fell out of use relatively fast. I guess the other piece of advice from the book is valuable: don't get "married" to a platform.