Monday, March 05, 2012

Book: What Got You Here Won't Get You There by Marshall Goldsmith

Format: Audiobook.

This business book has to be one of my personal favorites because it stayed with me as a profound influence by making me take a hard look at myself and question my weak points, but without making me feel bad about myself. There were many lessons that I put to practice and saw immediate results.

I really like the beginning of the book, describing the intended audience as someone who is already successful but has reached a ceiling. I didn't feel like I was the intended audience but after those first pages I was hooked. Then the book starts listing bad habits that are preventing advancement in life and business. The most revealing for me was "the need to win", or wanting to always be right, manifested by the words "No", "But" or "however". After these pages I have rarely used the phrase "yes, but" when I disagree.

Another takeaway from this book was to "shut up and listen". I thought I was a good listener but didn't realize that I was missing important conversations with people because I wasn't letting them express themselves. I noticed a change in my personal relations after reading this book simply by replacing my need to talk with active listening.

Even though most of the advice of the book is intended for managers, it's useful for anyone, because it focuses in how we interact with people and how easy it is to change behaviors that affect our interactions. I would love to give this book to everyone, but I wonder if by giving the book it will lose some of its magic. This is a book to be discovered, so I recommend that you discover it.

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